acupuncture and menopause testimontial

"I first saw Charlotte back in the spring of 2006. I was experiencing intense anxiety as a result of menopause. According to recent blood tests, my hormone levels had plummeted and I was as jumpy as a flea! Suddenly, my lifelong claustrophic tendencies overtook my daily life and my days (and nights!) seemed filled with "incidents" of claustrophia. I have never liked needles at any stage of life so trying acupuncture attests to the low point at which I had arrived!

In Charlotte I found a very professional, calm, and caring individual. She is a good listener and had useful, constructive suggestions, even beyond acupuncture. When it came to the needles, on the first day, Charlotte had to mop the sweat from the palms of my hands! But from that first session onwards (my initial course was 6 sessions) I began to feel some sort of balance return to my life. A sense of calm and a sense of control were restored. My sleep improved quite dramatically too. I am greatly indebted to Charlotte, and so is my family!"

Nancy, London