acupuncture and ovarian cyst testimonial

"Last year I was diagnosed with an acute 'simple/functional' ovarian cyst measuring 6.2 x 7.3cm on my right ovary at the emergency gynecology unit, after months of debilitating pain, irregular and painful periods, break through bleeding etc. I was told by the Specialist doctors that it would require immediate surgery, and possibly entire removal of my affected ovary, due to the size and the nature of the cyst. It was explained to me at great length and all my reading on the internet led me to believe that surgery was the only option as all material and advice suggested that an ovarian cyst of this size was highly unlikely to resolve without surgery, and if left untreated it would more than likely twist the entire ovary and require emergency intervention.

Out of desperation I approached Charlotte to help me with the pain management and the side effects of the other symptoms associated with the cyst. During my initial consultation Charlotte and I discussed my lifestyle, including a very stressful job that includes alot of international travel and my nutrition. After the first treatment I slept for the first time in months and generally felt more relaxed and the reduction and frequency of the pain greatly reduced. Partly out of stubbornness and partly from inefficiency of the NHS I did not return to the hospital for a period of 10 weeks, and in the meantime took Charlottes advice on nutrition and continued the acupunture on a weekly basis, as it provided me with great relief! During this time Charlotte assessed me on a weekly basis and was considerate and understanding and very professional, and altered the treatments in line with my symptoms. I returned to the hospital after 10 weeks of avoidance of the NHS, for the scan out of curiosity and much to the doctors surprise the irresolvable cyst had resolved naturally with out painful and unnecessary surgery! It is interesting to note that they asked me to provide them with details of my 'alternative treatment' :) I highly recommend Charlotte and her 'magic needles' to anyone!."

Katrina, New Zealand