our testimonials

"Charlotte is a highly professional and skilled practitioner and made me feel so relaxed, comfortable and well informed throughout my treatment... I was delighted that within a few weeks my periods returned and since then my periods have been regular every month." Read more

ďAfter five failed cycles of IVF, my husband and I decided to have one final attempt....Charlotte was kind, caring and ...I immediately became confident in her ability and listened to all the advice that she gave me. To mine and my husbands great surprise and joy, this cycle was successful and at the time of writing this I am now 25 weeks pregnant! ...Thank you Charlotte, I believe that we would not be in the exciting situation that we are now without your help!" Read more

"During the acupuncture treatment I experienced five or six strong contractions and they continued and increased when I got home. My beautiful daughter was born 7 hours later at home, just as I had wanted with no medical intervention." Read more

"I approached Charlotte out of desperation due to a bad case of endometriosis which was causing untold pain and hindering my chances of conceiving....It helped that she was clearly very knowledgeable about endometriosis....Within 3 to 4 months of starting treatment, my periods were regular - once every 28 days, and much less painful." Read more

"I came to see Charlotte after having two miscarriages and continued bleeding after my operations.....Within two weeks my bleeding stopped and my regular cycle returned.... After further sessions and waiting to give my body time to heal, I am now pregnant again." Read more

"When I needed to start a course of IVF treatment I took Charlotte's advice about the acupuncture programme during this time....I was overjoyed to have a positive test result on our first attempt. I am incredibly grateful to Charlotte for all her help...I would recommend her to anyone." Read more

"My partner and I first visited Charlotte Steed for assistance with conception in February 2006. Charlotte treated both of us with acupuncture and after six weeks I became pregnant. Charlotte continued to treat me throughout the pregnancy ....and ... attended the birth of our son and provided pain relief with acupuncture....Based on my experience I would not hesitate to recommend Charlotte Steed for fertility treatment and support during pregnancy and labour." Read more

"After being diagnosed with mild endometriosis, suspected PCOS and following 3 failed IUI's, I approached Charlotte with a view to preparing my body for IVF/ICSI treatment. I suffered no ill effects from the IVF drugs, and quickly recovered from the egg collection procedure. I found the entire process much less stressful than anticipated, and was delighted to have a positive result at the end of it! I am now in the early stages of a much wanted pregnancy. Thank you Charlotte!"

"Last year I was diagnosed with an acute 'simple/functional' ovarian cyst measuring 6.2 x 7.3cm on my right ovary at the emergency gynecology unit, after months of debilitating pain, irregular and painful periods, break through bleeding etc. I was told by the Specialist doctors that it would require immediate surgery ....I approached Charlotte to help me with the pain management ........I returned to the hospital after 10 weeks... .and much to the doctors surprise the irresolvable cyst had resolved naturally with out painful and unnecessary surgery" Read more

"I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 30 years....Within one treatment Charlotte managed to almost totally get rid of my back pain and within four treatments the problems in my neck were very much reduced. I am generally now taking half, or less, of the pain killers that I used to take and I feel much better generally. Read more

"I was experiencing intense anxiety as a result of menopause...But from that first session onwards I began to feel some sort of balance return to my life. A sense of calm and a sense of control were restored. My sleep improved quite dramatically too." Read more

"Iíve found that reflexology is very effective in helping me sleep; it makes me feel great; calm, happy and very relaxed. I canít believe how well I feel now compared to when I first started receiving treatment." Read more

"I can not thank Charlotte enough, she taught me to control my nerves, and without her, I am not sure I would have made it through my exam quite so easily." Read more

"I couldn't believe how quick the results were. Within three treatments, I was re-energised, and far more consistent emotionally." Read more

"I was very apprehensive as I am not a fan of needles, but immediately felt at ease when I met Charlotte. She is such a lovely person - very understanding with a gentle manner." Read more